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Model becomes 'real-life Barbie' as she rocks sexy bikini to flaunt curves

Model becomes 'real-life Barbie' as she rocks sexy bikini to flaunt curves

Model becomes 'real-life Barbie' as she rocks sexy bikini to flaunt curves
Body positive influencer Mz. Dani put on a jaw-dropping display as she rocked a stunning bikini. She wants to show fans that this is how Barbie dolls would look if they were more curvy

A curvy model has gone viral for trying to portray Barbie in her latest snap.
Mz. Dani is known for her body positivity snaps on Instagram where she has over 680,000 followers.
She has spent an eye-watering £42,000 on her plastic surgery obsession and there's no signs of her stopping anytime soon.

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But away from the plastic surgery, the 35-year-old wants to show people how a Barbie doll would look with curves.
In recent snaps, the model, from Wisconsin, US, put on a racy pink bikini to resemble the famous plastic doll.

She posed in the hope of showing her followers that dolls would look better if they had normal measurements.

Mz. Dani said: "A realistically proportioned Barbie would be much better.

"I was only able to break this cycle when I could see myself as a beautiful and real woman. We need more representation."
In addition to posting sexy content to her fans, Mz. Dani went on to share snaps of her transforming into a real-life Barbie.ดู-หนัง-spider-man-no-way-homeสไปเด...

The first photos posted show her wearing a bikini with the famous doll logo.
"It's a toy where girls have fun, but want to be the same," she admitted.

Then she flaunts her breasts and butt in the garment as she's proud of her thick legs.
She continued: "I want to show people that a regular Barbie can look better than a real Barbie."

Previously, she spent £42,000 on plastic surgery but feared she can't find love as she's treated like a toy.
She revealed how dating is difficult as men judge her cosmetically-enhanced looks.
The model said: "My dating life is extremely hard. Men look at me as a toy.

"They see my outer appearance before they get to know me and that's really what they want from me initially."

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