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Our "WOW! Product of the Year" for 2008 is the awesome TRU Chocolate- Beyond A Chocolate Experience! It is a pure, organic sugarless chocolate; which is, certified Kosher (clean); certified glycemic friendly for diabetic and obese children as well as adults (glycemic index, 7) by the National Research Laboratory; and, certified 9 servings of fruit and vegetables in anti-oxidants (ORAC Rating of 3,040).

TRU Chocolate-"Beyond A Chocolate Experience!"

IT'S CONSIDERED TO BE A SUPERFOOD, because it has no sugar, no animal products and diary products (vegetarian-vegan friendly)... It has no cholesterol and is low in sodium! Each piece is $2.00, which is very inexpensive considering the benefits. TRU Chocolate can be purchase for $30 per bag of 15 pieces, and makes an excellent New Year's fundraiser, treat and gift! You only need one a day! We're selling this chocolate, also, as a fundraiser for opening our wellness centers. If you like, you can sign up to distribute the chocolate for $10 and purchase it for $21 per bag, selling it for the retail price of $30, earning $9 per bag. People buy dozens of pieces from us at $2 each, and we sell an occasional bag or two a day, earning as much as $100 per day. I've never seen anything like it in my life! We've sold 34 bags in one week... And, also, signed up 10 distributors!



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