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With the increasing complexities in the health care system day by day, people are besieged while managing their health care needs. There are some individuals who rarely leave their house or are suffering from terminal illness and wish to die in comfort at home. At Aspire Home Health & Hospice, we are Home Health Care Providers providing individuals with the best home health care and hospice care services to keep them out of hospital and in the comfort of home.

We are a division of Western States Lodging and Management and very well experienced in taking care of your loved ones. Our well trained gentle and friendly staff will help them improve their life. We can help with housekeeping and meals as well. The various services we provide include Home Health, Hospice and Personal care too.

Home Health Care Utah County is provided to take care of those elders who cannot take care of themselves. Our staff can maintain daily health and provide with treatment and assistance with the medicines without being in the hospital. We give your loved ones all the necessary treatment in their own home’s comfort. We believe being at your home can help your faster recovery.

Apart from the Home Health services, we also provide a particular type of health care for the individuals who are suffering from a terminal disease and getting to the end of their life. In the Hospice Care At Home we basically focus on the treatment of pain rather than treating the actual cause of illness. We focus on the quality of life the patient should get, rather than running from doctor to doctor, balancing prescriptions at the pharmacy which is absolutely draining.

The patient feels a sense of relief that there is a friend on the sideline to take the palliative care during his serious illness. Hospice gives the patient comfort at the time of great stress. The patient is assisted with emotional and psychological aspects of dying. Hospice services are covered by medicare and are assertively useful to manage the patient’s pain and symptoms with the goal of minimizing or eliminating pain and discomfort.

If you are in need of any of our services, feel free to visit us at call us at (877) 411-0171, we are available for you 24/7

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