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Banra would expect those who took advantage of the Rainbow Six Siege chat error

Rainbow Six Siege Currency Packs In the last few days many Rainbow Six Siege players may have noticed that the PC version of the program is freezing a lot - usually when the opponent is already losing but he might be penalized for quitting. As it turned out the thing was not a coincidence: the eyeball commandos discovered an exploit that allowed Siege to freeze a special character in a text message - not only for that person but for all participants due to the server page crash. Ubisoft has solved the problem quite quickly and now it has turned out that those who deliberately and consciously used the character or to get rid of the negative balance or to "fight" the others well - are not necessarily swim dry because a bunch of people have been banned. from the software and who has accidentally escaped so far he may not necessarily be back.

Exploiting exploits is contrary to the Rainbow Six: Siege Code of Ethics so players who have forged an unauthorized advantage by themselves are now in the slogan. The extent of the ban depends on the number of times a user attempted

According to the company exploiting the exploit was against the "code of conduct" buy Rainbow Six Siege Currency Packs of the game who has been proven to have deliberately and repeatedly used the bug that caused the server to freeze which will be banned from the title. Theoretically those who tried it only once or twice could get away but those who have proven to have used the thing several times or consciously to manipulate the end result of the matches will probably definitely say goodbye to their access no matter how much real money they spend in Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft has also stated that any influence on clashes - whether it be external cheat software or internal bugging - is still not allowed and tolerated so those who do not want to re-purchase the game and start developing from scratch should refrain from doing so.

Of course some streamer began to hold the news out of the ban although many people only used the bug to alert their viewers to its existence and dangers. However the developers were also prepared for this possibility and quickly reassured everyone that only those players who had bugged more than ten times would be hit by rhetoric.

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