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As the Samsung Lions' formidable closer Oh Seung hwan slings curveballs toward Lotte Giants' slugger Lee Dae ho in the bottom of the ninth, many zealous baseball fans in Seoul find themselves glued to smartphone screens on the metro or watching the game on flat screen TVs in their living rooms. But isn't a game winning change up much more satisfying when there's a shattered Busan fan to heckle?

Perhaps sports bars and the obnoxious fansinherently associated with an NFL or EPL upbringing are most often found in Western cities. But Seoul, the host of some of the world's largest sports competitions, has evolved into a major athletics hub.

And when the city's ceaseless soju drinking habits are added to the mix, this Korean metropolis offers the perfect environment for scoffing at Tom Brady and his new Wholesale Jerseys - Cheapest NFL Jerseys Sale Online hairstyle.

1. All That Beer, Seoul National University of Education

Located just outside of Seoul National University of Education, All That Beer offers the perfect spot to watch KBO and K league matchups. This massive sports bar has numerous top notch TVs and a quality set drinking menu specializing in German brews starting at 28,000.

It's best to come with a group because the TVs are positioned in front of the venue's many tables and there is no seating at the bar itself. Menus are Cheap Probowl Jerseys in Korean only, and don't expect to catch any hockey games.

B1 In and In Building,Seocho gu Seocho dong 1673 1; Seoul National University of Education Station Exit 5; +82 2 3472 0038 ( 1673 1 1 5)

2. The Beer Garden, Renaissance Hotel

The Beer Garden is a great option for the classier sports fanatics who perhaps prefer a glass of red wine while watching the play offs (See: San Jose Sharks supporters). The Renaissance Hotel pub broadcasts Korean games on an outdoor projector screen in the middle of a scenic terrace. If you're looking for some food as well, the kitchen serves roasted beef sirloin with Cass draft beer, wine, soju and unlimited Makgeolri for 29,000. until midnight; the outdoor terrace may be closed due to inclement weather.

B2, 676 Yeoksam dong, Gangnam gu (676); +82 2 2222 8630

3. Itaewon alley bars

For a relatively cheap pint and access Dt5FW6a9x to the major North American leagues, check out the sports bars behind the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon. While customer service may not be what the area is known for, there are a few spots with comprehensive TV packages.

Sam Ryan's, a Canadian owned bar that serves 2,500 OB, 3,000 Red Rock and 7,500 Guinness drafts, replays Sunday and Monday Night Football matchups on its many high definition flat screen TVs, including one in the bathroom. If you're an Arsenal supporter, tequila shots are only 4,000, so you can quickly forget Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri are long gone. The venue has a lot of open space, dartboards for halftime and satellite packages for all major sports leagues.

Right across the street is Scrooge Pub, with three large TVs, a full sized billiards table and 15,000 large pitchers of Cass. Scrooge's Guinness drafts cost 500 more than Sam Ryan's', but when watching the Rugby World Cup, this casual pub is the place to drink.

Scattered across the area are other pubs and sports bars, like Hollywood, 3 Alley and the Wolfhound Pub.

Take line No. 6 to Itaewon Station exit no. 3 and turn right after the Hamilton Hotel.

4. Beer Factory, Gangnam

With a projector screen, 27,000 extra large pitchers of Cass and Mexican nachos with sausages for 28,000, Beer Factory is a solid choice for watching EPL, K League and KBO matchups.

The bar serves a wide variety of brews, from German pilseners to dry stouts, and plays all major Korean sports games on its numerous flat screens. With O'Kims out of business as of May, Beer Factory has stepped up to become one of the best spots to watch the EPL south of the river. With access to all the NHL games, this venue is typically full of hockey sweaters, crisp draft beers and satisfying in game grub.

The bar no longer hosts its "Beat the Clock" special on Saturdays, Black NFL Jerseys but the "Team Sport" Sunday special is perfect for watching a game with friends. Buy one pizza, and get the second for half the price, or buy one pizza and one pitcher of Max, and get the second pitcher for free. Tuesday wing nights are also a hit.

Hockey fans may have found a second home at Big Rock, another massive sports bar south of the river, with framed Wayne Gretzky and Lanny McDonald jerseys hanging on the wall and an all you can eat buffet on Sundays that includes sizzling strips of Canadian bacon. But the spot is not for hockey fans alone. Pitchers of Cass for 15,000 and a menu with burgers, pastas, quesadillas and fish and chips allow for a satisfying viewing experience, no matter the sport.

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