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EAS home are triggered when someone leaves an outlet

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems prevent retail theft. Although these solutions should defer shoplifters view here , it is very important retailers they do not pose an obstruction to customers. Century Europe offers a wide range of EAS solutions that provide a positive shopping experience and maximum product protection.

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) home security systems are triggered when someone leaves local store or building which has a product using an active tag or label that come with it. EAS systems tend to be applied to prevent shoplifting in shops or theft of valuable properties from e.g. public buildings. There are several varieties of EAS solutions available.

At present, RF technology sports ths major share with the electronic article surveillance market, plus a similar trend is predicted to continue in the forecast period. The growth of RF technology is driven with the growing use of RF technology based components finally users including apparel & products stores, supermarket & mass merchandise stores, and drug & health product stores. Moreover, RF technology has key features for example ultra-wide detection distance, simple installation and operation, low false alarm rate, strong anti-interference ability, and high stability and durability, with the result that the market for RF technology holds major share in the market.

Boosts safety for staff and optimizes customer care: EAS anti-theft solutions help shift the attention of store employees from security watchdogs to providing excellent service. Confrontational incidents between employees and shoppers are reduced, which generates a better environment for employees and customers alike.

Helps increase sales and delivers strong ROI: EAS anti-theft tag solutions from established and respected providers like OMNI Systems deliver strong payback, as shoplifting incidents carry on and decline after some time. These systems are durable, reliable and manufactured to last. Hard tags are reusable, maintenance is minimal along with the only ongoing prices are those from the purchase of self-adhesive labels eas solution . Moreover, EAS anti-theft tags provide unparalleled theft protection to all or any levels on the retail supply chain. By reducing losses from theft, you can preserve prices lower for consumers, thus boosting your chances of selling more products.

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