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Everest Tech: Specializing in Fire Protection

Everest Tech is Ireland’s most growing technology company, specializing in several fields, including Fire Protection, Data Networks, Structured Cabling and Wifi. Steve Hayes is the managing director of Everest Tech. He has given his sincere efforts in terms of customer service by providing cutting edge solutions. Mike Connolly is the technical director of Everest Tech, he has extensive experience in the field of Fire protection, Data, Wireless networks and electronic security. As a important member of design team of company, mike can help your project prototype turn into reality.

We give a variety of Fire Protection Ireland equipment, to keep your staff, customers and properties safe at all times. Fire safety means precautions that are taken to prevent or reduce the possibility of a fire that may outcome in death, tear, or property destruction, alert those in a shape to the presence of an unrestricted fire in the event one occurs, better enable those frighten by fire to live in and abandon from affected areas, or to decrease the damage caused by a fire. Fire safety measures contain those that are prepared during the construction of a building. A fire risk may include a condition that increases the possibility that a fire may start or may prevent escape in the event a fire occurs. For protecting you from fire, we provide a wide range of Fire Extinguishers.

Fire alarms are the devices that detect and alert people through audio video devices when smoke/fire is sensed. We offer Wire Free Fire Alarms, Disabled Refuge Alarm System . Along with devices, we provide best available technician. Having fire alarm devices installed has its obvious benefits. People are safe, even while they sleep, if a fire occurs. Fire Alarms Limerick will aware all individuals that a fire or the beginnings of a fire have been detected, and people can securely go away the location before losing life or limb. Yet, there are other hidden and usually unknown benefits to having a value fire alarm system installed in a building or home. We provide daily attention for checking fire alarm panel.

So if you really care about the safety of your family or organization, then you can visit us at .

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