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nike air max 1 dames I think you would really like the Kigers Pete. I¡¯ve run in them for 20 miles or so and, while a little soft for me (probably a good thing for you since I like firm shoes), they have a great upper and nice overall feel for smooth trails and road. Nike has definitely got my attention with the Kiger, hopefully they can continue to refine and improve it.

I just got a pair of these and it¡¯s definitely tighter along the top than my other runners. There¡¯s plenty of room in the toe box though. How tight should the shoe be along the top? I¡¯m worried that if I go half a size u nike air max outlet nederland p there¡¯ll be too much room for toes (and even still be tight along the top).

For me, the Nike Free 3.0 v5 is a fantastic shoe for easy runs and distances up to about 10 miles. They¡¯re also great as a casual, low-drop shoe (which is what the vast majority of people buying them will be using them for). In my opinion, they¡¯re too soft and lack responsiveness for speed work. Be aware that despite the stretchy upper, it is a fairly narrow shoe (I went up a half size), so those with wide feet should look elsewhere.

I¡¯m happy to announce that Nike has redeemed themselves with the Free 3.0 v5. It¡¯s a shoe worthy of the lineage to which it belongs, and is probably the best Nike Free of any flavor that I¡¯ve worn since the original Free 3.0 (Disclosure: the shoes reviewed here were provided free-of-charge for review purposes by Running Warehouse).

Yes, they¡¯re among the most popular shoes in the US as well for the same purpose. The good part is I think they are better for all day wear than most traditional running shoes given the flexibility and lower heel, so that¡¯s a plus.

The development times probably won¡¯t support the theory, but does anybody else think that Nike took some inspiration from Skechers¡¯ GoBionic aesthetic and design with this latest update? The resemblance of the above model to the black version of the GoBionic (righ nike roshe run dames outlet nederland t down to the neon grt down to the neon green sockliner) is a little uncanny.

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