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Pretend to fall, the words at the end of 2014 once again become the most popular vocabulary concern to the outside world.Buy cheap fifa15 coins on FIFA Coins. Chelsea coach Delio Mourinho draw with Southampton after the speech in the last round of the English Premier League, let talk about diving again became the hot topic of football.

The last round of Fabregas because of suspected diving by the referee refused to award a penalty, but the Spaniard also got a yellow card. Mourinho after the match at the referee for the faint whistle: "in other countries, such a thing will certainly be front page news, because it really is a scandal. I think it's obvious, now the result looks like an anti Chelsea movement." Although the "Daily Post" disclosure, at the end of the game, the referee Taylor apologised to Mourinho, admitted that he made a mistake, but about diving in the discussion on the Premier League circles continues. Recently, the Arsenal manager Wenger also expressed their own views.

"We need to punish those who dive players after the game," Wenger for players who dive attitude is extremely elegant and valuable, "but when handling, we must analyze whether it is an obvious diving action, or a less obvious dive. Sometimes, some players fall really is hardly obvious diving. We should set up a group responsible for the matter, the responsible person is best for those who have practical experience of the human race."

"They should punish those who was diving case, but not those controversial situation. Unilateral that an action is diving, may not benefit the purify court. Should be suspended for those players who dive, I don't know how long this concrete should be suspended, and should be based on the specific case specific analysis. But can make diving really was removed from the stadium only one way. That is to let the player feel their diving really will be punished for this."

About Mourinho said "the premier anti Chelsea movement", Wenger said: "I think this situation is the same for all clubs, Arsenal old Pillay and Eduardo also once encountered such a situation. Judges in what is smart or honest players to choose between, but what you want is the players play honest. Once the players began to move to diving idea, this will make the referee is very difficult to do. Even if you and those with diving record players before the game about, they will still in the race to dry out diving things."

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