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The Rockets is still lose despite gorgeous score

The Rockets road 121-128 loss to the Bucks. The Rockets 2 in a row, five-game winning streak was an end to the Bucks. Howard scored 30 points, 13 rebounds and harden 26 points, nine assists and six rebounds ariza 20 points, 11 assists and eight rebounds, but the Rockets still are losing!
An opening hoshyar zebari parker has led the Bucks to show inside impact, he scored three rate hit 10 Bucks - 4 start. Harden helped after Howard near the basket score, plum counters stormed to Howard. Howard is triggered, dunk twice and complete the three points, he first three free throws. Morty Mr Yunus scored 17-16 3-pointers after the Rockets.
Howard off the back door, straight cut points in the paint, Mr Barry parker made seven of nine Bucks reconstruction had 14 points of fire rate advantage. After first time harden nine and a half minutes to shot 3-pointers, harden first only 2 shots. First Rockets 26-32 lag behind.
Rockets first section behind the cause of the be clear at a glance: Rockets 10 of 24 shots, shooting only 41.7%; The Bucks 13 of 19 shots, shot up to 68.4%. This is the Rockets 10 consecutive first quarter lag behind. "First dig a hole" problem in the first period of further embodiment, the Rockets have 2 1/2 minutes scoring drought, vaughn connected Bucks went 9 - shooting rate of 0, the Bucks have 41-26.
But the Rockets can dig a hole can also climb pit! Against the trail blazers in 21 points behind in most cases is the irreversible battle, with 10 points in world war one loss to the spurs, the Rockets also in the case of up to 31 points behind narrowed the gap. Of the Rockets in the case of 15 points behind and a kickback, trevor ariza in the second section into three 3-pointers, single section 13 points, harden single section scored 10 points, the Rockets once back in the second quarter.
Before halftime Bucks an 8-1 offensive advantage reconstruction. Terry 3-pointer with 0.7 seconds remaining shoots at the half, the Rockets 64-64.
Trevor ariza and harden in time all is full Bernie Parent White Jersey of four shots, Rockets operation effect is more bright color: in the first half of 19 assists and scored 22 goals formed half number of assists this season most. Trevor ariza half 7 assists.
Into the third quarter, the Rockets continue to main inside, even lost 3 shots, Howard has also been Middleton block, but the body form of Howard grabbed offensive rebounds, win free throws and then under the ariza assists even dunk, he led the Rockets into the lead.
In the third quarter after 3 and a half minutes, ariza has 11 assists, created the career assists new record. The third section more than half the Rockets 83-76 lead. But the Rockets defense instability after Howard's end, Mr. Barry parker rate again beyond the Bucks with 14-4 offensive. Harden instantly into the buzzer 3-pointers in the third quarter ended, the two sides fight for 92 - ping.
Adebayor kunming bo arranged on their Bucks before the details of 7 points. Howard since cast self-complementary goal, terry and josh successively into 3-pointers, the Rockets 102-101 lead. Late middle Bucks and wave 8-2 offensive formation, jia Barry parker scored after 3 now score of 30 points and created a new record for career. Howard led the Rockets and formed Youth Manu Ginobili Jersey a wave of 0-9. 4 points behind the Rockets in with 20.4 seconds left in the foul ball five seconds, violation of the error, the Bucks on the stability, bayless and Middleton have free throw up!

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