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Trustee Coach, in the anointing of a priest and prophet according to the order or mantle of Melchizedek.

 Trustee Coach

© 2010 By, Dean E Golden, Trustee Couch


Have you ever heard of a Trustee Coach? Well that is what I am; I coach people on their spiritual life as they are stepping into being trustees, managing what God has given them to manage. As a Believe you already have a good working knowledge and understanding of the Word of our Lord. Do you understand the transformation process that is talked about when you become a Believer?
OK, were to start; we could go over the same information about salvation and accepting Jesus into your heart. You know the scriptures about being transformed into a new creator in Christ Jesus. All things become as new in Him who believes. As well as the Commandments - the Law is written on our heart and it is not of works but by faith. This is already understood and you have accepted it as the truth, right? You may have the same understanding that Sin is what separates us from being able to be in contact and in the presents of God, right? We can do all things in the name of Jesus who straightens us. Where two or three are I am too Etc. You may have had someone use the Bible as a way to beet you up and to tell you "That you are not doing something right and you need to change or go to Hell" right?
I ask you how do you explain this to a child or to someone who has no faith or understanding without coming across as a Bible Thump-er and a self righteous person making them bad and wrong, judging them. How do you explain what it mends to have the Ten Comments, the Law of God written on your heart?
I will attempt to go over all of this and to bring it out and have it understood as well as how to use it in our Daily lives.
This is going to take some time and effort I hope you are ready to be apart of this work and add your insight as I go along here.
To sum up what is the bottom line, it is: *** Be - Do - Have *** OK, now we take you on the journey to understanding this and how to walk it out.
Let us start out with a lesson in Ontology the study of binging as in Human Being. We are made up to be who we are from our experiences and the way we were raised wouldn't you agree? From an early childhood experience something happens we make it mend something then as we grow up we are consistently looking for evidence to make it real and prove that it is the truth and we go through life viewing our experience of what is being said or done through these filters seeking out prof that the story is what so.
Something happens and we respond to the story of what we made up as if it were the truth. When in fact it was just something happen and it had no meanings at all. This creates drama and in most cases upset. The other person has no idea why we are reacting to them in this manner so they make up a reason based on their filters of life from their past and respond to us from that and we get confused and do the whole thing over and over tell at some point we forgot what it was that happen that got this whole thing started. We are "Meanings Making Machines."
I first learn about this understanding of Ontology when I went to the Landmark Forum. It was not about anything close to Spiritual understanding; as I went though this teaching I viewed it through my filter of my walk with Christ and as the adopted Son of God.
They had what they called detections and I was looking for the Arthur that was the authority of them I found that everything that I was learning was first found in the Holy Bible the Torah.
As I tried to invite others to come and see what they could get from Landmark Forum I was told by many that they already had this teaching and it was in the Bible. I could not remember ever hearing a Pastor teach this from the pulpit. Now I did hear the scriptures being preached but not from the same approach.
As I started to take this education of Ontology on and mapping it over the scriptures I could see that I have a real smooth and quickly understandable way of sharing the word of our Lord so that people could get it and live it out in their daily walk through life. That is how I became a Trustee Coach simply by explaining the Bible in a simple to understand way.

I Coach People just like you about their Spiritual Life. Did you know that we are responsible for everything in our lives; there is no one or anything that we can point at and say if only (he, she, they, it, etc.) then I would not be ______ or (he, she, they, it, etc.) makes me _____.
When we take full responsibility we now are in control; so we say what is or what is not so.
You were not made to be the victim! God makes us perfect and placed us over all things we have Dominion, we are to take Authority this puts us in Control. So you ask why aren't we doing this and why are we falling into the trap of being the Victim?
Well, people here’s the reason; it all started all the way back with Adam & Eve. Yes, that fateful moment when they disobeyed our Lord then would not take responsibility for it. It was when they said but Lord it was _____ and I did ____ but it was not my fault.

This is the SIN that had Man to be separated form the presents of God. I am here to tell you some Good News!!! We can be restored back into His presents and we can walk with Him and reason with Him once again.
The Old Testament tells us that man has been working on this and doing, what ever they could to be redeemed and then restored; the first 5 Books are called the Torah and then we have the Law etc. We read all of the stories of what was done and about the promised one who is to come. They had the Law and had to do and work at being righteous to be in His presence to be “Blessed.”
We now know that the New Testament tells us about the Man and the life of one called Jesus the one who was promised. I could go into depth here talking about His ministry and His death and retraction. I just want to get to my point.
When He did all of this and we believe in Him as the Son of God and accept Him we are Transformed into a new creature we become new in Him; we have been altered in our way of Being into the way of being as His when He walked with us. It is said that He had written the Law on our hearts. It is no longer about Works it is by Faith. Then it is written that Faith with out Works in dead.
So what dose, all of this, mean?
In believing we are transformed; our way of being has been altered we are no longer unclean and separated from God; our old ways of operating in the flash is no longer who we are. As we walk this out we find ourselves giving up old habits we approach life with a new séance of purpose other people see us differently they stop talking about unclean things when we show up in the room. Now when we read the Bible it is no longer a book of dos and don't s it is describing who we are. We read the Ten Comments and as we read them we notice that we are not working on them they are just atomically who we are as way of being. Could this be what was written that the Law would be written on their harts?
So just what happen here? When we believed we were transformed, our old way of being has been changed now we have a new way of “Being” that calls us into action then in action we are “Doing” while doing we create; we then take a look at what we “Have” as a result; dose this result line up with what God has written on our hearts? Not quite so we repent; think a new thought, as a possibility of a way of being we share that with another who agrees, then we be that, doing what it calls us to do, then we check to see what we have; this is the **Be - Do - Have** Now that is what is called repent of your sins and God will forgive you and remember them no more. It is about Integrity we give our Word, We fall short, we clean it up, Give a new Word, take a new action etc.
Come on now people talk to me here.

This is where I come in as a Trustee Coach. When you are board again the Holy Spirit fills you and writes the Law of God on your heart so we know what the difference is between right and wrong. We study the Word of God so that we can know his voice. When we are under the teaching of a Pastor we learn more. But at times we get confused or lost in all of the information and the way it is being presented. That is where you need someone to couch you through and to hold you accountable to what you said then to help you understand the meaning of the Word.

I will have to go into this much deeper as we go along here. So now is your opportunity to ask me some questions, I will attempt to bring out the Word in such away for you to understand and to walk it out.


 “The Society Of The Melchizedek Royal Priesthood, a Corp Sole” Dean Golden, Trustee Coach, in the anointing of a priest and prophet according to the order or mantle of Melchizedek.


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