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When you NFL 16 Coins come to the soldier

When you NFL 16 Coins come to the soldier's room, via whatever method, use the ladder and fire extinguisher to scare him (in that order), then possess the control valve on the pipes in the middle of the room to put the final jolt in his system. (You'll need to tap A to get the valve's pressure gauge up into the red zone.)    When you have control of the guard, leave the room and take a right, following the signs to the Control Room. You won't be able to enter it without possessing an engineer, though, so take another right into the access corridor up the ramp and use the slipstream there to reach the botanical labs. There happens to be an engineer here, so you'll need to take control of him. To do so, first enter one of the hydraulic arms on either side of the main path and spray him with water.
This will cause him to run down the path towards the laptop computer at the other end; entering that and scaring him (pop-ups are indeed terrifying; why isn't he using Firefox?) will turn his aura red, allowing you to possess him.     Unfortunately, you can't do much with him at the moment, so walk him to the end of the walkway, opposite the laptop, and dispossess yourself. There's a lift near here with a bad fuse that you'll need to replace before you can move on, but first you'll have to find a working fuse to use.

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