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The hormonal response produced from these high intensity intervals elicits proteins synthesis (muscle growth) and fat burning mechanisms which is a win/win for you. Range of motion - we'll cover this one in part deux. But, I want you to find a freeze frame picture of a jogger and a Unwrap Your Fat Loss freeze frame picture of a sprinter (at the end of their stride). I'll let you decide which individual has a greater range of motion. Metabolic - We've touched on this in point 2. The science community calls this EPOC. But you've probably heard it coined as some other terms: the afterburn effect, fat melting, fat burning furnace, oxygen debt, rage in a cage (I've decided this sounds super badass and may need to TM it). So whatever broscience slang you want to use, it still stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and it's directly related to your heart rate.

The higher your heart rate climbs during your workout, the more oxygen you consume after your workout. This means your heart rate and metabolism will be elevated for hours after an anaerobic workout to help pay back the 'oxygen debt' it consumed during the workout. Again, this does wonders for our body composition. Time-saving - I could be wrong, but in my mind 20 minutes of high intensity interval training seems quicker than running for 45 minutes on a treadmill. I've decided this is long enough for this article. I'll post part 2 in a few days where I'll look at the functionality of steady state cardio vs HIIT. What am I referring to when I say functionality?... Well damn - that's another fitness fad that's become so popular no one really knows what it means anymore - so I guess I'll post another article to explain what my perspective of functional training is.

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