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Retro Fighters Launches Next Generation Retro Controller for NES and PC In May, 2016


Los Angeles, CA (March 12, 2016) - Since the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released over 30 years ago; many video game accessory manufacturers have created game accessories for this and other classic systems.

However, the problem is that most of today’s video game accessory manufacturers only make cheap clones of the original classic controllers, nothing new, innovative or exciting. In a bid to solve this matter, Retro Fighters launches its first product, the world class Retro controller for NES and PC. The Retro Fighters controller for NES will be will be the first controller to be completely compatible with the original NES, PC and aftermarket cartridge based NES systems.

“We’re not looking to replace the classic NES controller, we just wanted to create a whole new experience for the retro gaming community. The Retro Fighters Jab NES Controller is 100% compatible with NES, PC and most aftermarket NES cartridge based systems,” stated Retro Fighters Head of Product Development, Robert Lomeli. “We felt strongly that it was important that the controller was universally compatible and worked straight out of the box, whether you’re playing on an aftermarket system, an original NES system or PC, just plug in and play.”

The next generation styled controller gets a completely new look over the original NES controller. The Retro Fighters controller gets rid of the hard plastic shell and replaces it with a rubberized soft coating, which ensures the best user experience. The improved D-pad puts less stress on the thumbs with soft glossy UV coating and indented design. One of the biggest features is the new ergonomic layout of the B & A buttons. This allows for a more comfortable and engrossing experience.

B & A shoulder and trigger buttons are added and to be used in conjunction with analog sticks or the D-pad to allow for numerous button combinations. Finally a turbo function was added to the controller for games where a little extra help is needed.

The Retro Fighters Jab NES Controller has a release date of May 2016. Retro Fighters also plans to launch a completely redesigned N64 controller by the end of the year.

About Retro Fighters:
Retro Fighters is a video game accessory manufacturer that produces new & cutting edge products exclusively for the retro video game market.

For more information, please visit to sign up for updates. To contact us directly, email us at


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