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Sentimental, milestone night swallowed a losing

The NBA regular season, Sir Cavs away defeat to, end 3 in a row. James made 10 of 20 scored 23 points and 12 rebounds and three assists, small only 4 points, failed to lead the team to realize Corey Crawford White Jersey reverse. Before the game, James career total to 19225 m, and Moses - Malone, in history and 21st, behind the 20th ewing 16 times. As this James come to count up to 20 times, he also transcended the Moses Malone and consecutive ewing, one of the top 20 in the history list of shots. For the first time the two sides met at the end of the season, lebron James had 17 points in small, led the cavaliers to reverse the jazz 118-114. But the game, James lost magic, no stage magic, only in this milestone night swallowed a losing battle.
James this is fight back to back, but he the opening Bo Jackson Limited Jersey state, his personal attack in a row, whether to turn around and singles, or long shot, learn something. James before 6 shots hit five goals, before 6 of 8 shots, scoring very easily.
Especially in the first section 8 minutes and 21 seconds left, James gave a pretty exciting attacking performance. Jazz attacks miss at that time, complete steals, Owen Smith JR the ball forward, James has down from the other side of the fast at this time. In the case of two dozen 1, toss the ball into the air and Smith James climbed high to follow up. Although the ball position is not very ideal, but James elongation hands, caught the ball is a ferocious dunk.
Cavs before the game against the lakers, James has taken over an empty Smith dunk. Smith was passing is not ideal, but James just finish one-handed dunk with left hand. This was the empty to dunk, is James Smith and cooperation and a classic lens.
Don't know is in the first part of the game too hard or away back to back, James after a drop in offensive efficiency. Late James sitting there to have a rest this time, Sir Cavs was offensive successful, eight points behind. At this time, James again, ready to put an end to the game. But to his surprise, James didn't play aggressive, as it should be the Cavs team seemed to be off, not only the gap not shrink, instead of watching running out of time, opponents.
James details didn't take over the game, investigate its reason, one is he back to back, and in the highlands road, physical fitness will be affected; Sir Is this overachieving, hit DeMarco Murray Kids Jersey hard outside. In a state of the team is the general case, James also can sacrifice to throw in the towel.

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