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Sweeping! will Cavs copy the script of last season?

Cavs visit Los Angeles, first 12 points 1-0 against the Lakers, the Clippers, the only after 24 points, almost didn't have any pressure Max Pacioretty Womens Jersey to take away the two victories. From the point of the game, both James and Cavs, state adjust very well, they have begun to prepare for the playoffs.
Remember last season, Cavs built at the beginning of the big three, only 19-20 record of 39 games before, side is full of all sorts of doubts. At that time, James went to a trip to Miami and restore their condition. At Los Angeles, Cavs, continuously playing the Lakers and the Clippers, James back, two wars under 68 points.
The turning point of trip to Los Angeles also became a Cavs of last season. 43 games in the end, the Cavs with a 34-9, and finals appearance. If it is not happy and Michael Owen at the same time a truce, James themselves they, Cavs is not necessarily loss to the warriors.
But this season, the Cavs as the eastern strongmen team, only their first half performance can be tepid. 58 games ago, Cavs and 17, the raptors trailed behind.
In march, James matches, and took a trip to Miami, he play to relax, and wade has carried Andrej Sekera Navy Blue Jersey on the practice before. Soon after, the Cavs visit Los Angeles and the Lakers and the Clippers two consecutive team. The same as last season, the Cavs is not only winning streaks, but the game can be seen that they will be promoted a its own state.
The most obvious example is the James, he is keeping in good health first half dozen basketball, it also triggered a lot about down the voice of his career. But in the last seven games, James is averaging 26.3 points and shooting 52.3%, 3-point percentage is 38%, higher than the season averaging level. In the seven games, Cavs have won six of them, the only lose is carelessness of jingzhou, accident to make many grizzly bears.
In the most bad form this season, James once said don't worry, believe that you will be fully recovered after the all-star game. James said to do, in the distance the playoffs with only a month's time, he opened up to jan mode. When James will enhance a its own state, he also led to Owen, love people, around the Cavs's strength has strengthened.
When everyone to focus on the warriors and SAN Antonio, James this sleeping lion has gradually regained consciousness. "I don't care about the warriors, I as long as let Cavs go on the right track Roy Halladay Orange Jersey." James said. Words, James for his and the team's strength, still has absolute confidence!

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