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Unbeatable Warriors in the playoffs? Spurs don't think

Warriors in the regular season coppi, does that mean they also unbeatable Herman Edwards Nike Jerseys in the playoffs? ESPN, a championship this season prediction, the spurs to 44% chance of ranking first, push the Warriors (40%). Ten aspects comprehensive comparison, the spurs is indeed a warrior bane really, if the two teams met in the western conference finals, the spurs are expected to beat the Warriors.
Proud Warriors (59) laugh, and the spurs 56-10 not far distance. Warriors the alliance in the storm, but the spurs still according to the low profile along their way. The two teams are likely to encounter in the western conference finals, the spurs can you then will be kicked out Warriors? Maybe you feel ridiculous for this problem, the Warriors abuse this season the spurs 30 points, didn't you see? That is just a regular season, if you use a regular season to evaluate the spurs, that is really don't know the SAN Antonio spurs. The spurs have ten advantages, will make them have a chance to beat the Warriors in the playoffs.
Warriors play a fast-paced basketball, this will bring Jets Stevan Ridley Jersey a negative impact, it is error. Warriors error 15.2 times this season and is teams with the error more than 7. The SAN Antonio spurs opponent error are used to get the average 16.3 points this season, they can effectively capture the opponent's mistake into scores. Between experts, it is likely that they will be affected by any carelessness rivals to win the opportunity, the Warriors error, and using the error score is the spurs' strengths.
Want to beat the Warriors, let they slow down, which requires the spurs in the defensive end, creative and gregg popovich has always been strong in this regard, he often not easy to play. A more viable option is to defend harrison Barnes or iguodala parker, Leonard to go at the garage, Danny green clay - Thompson, lamarcus aldridge counterpoint, Raymond - green, Andrew bogut Duncan to safeguard. If the Warriors undersized team, the spurs can also use dior and green.
You might think that parker Barnes ChouQi or iguodala is a step, for parker in para a disadvantage, but if the Warriors with Barnes or iguodala size advantage to play park, low that means warrior has been slow. Lamarcus aldridge and green have certain risk, but if Leonard to restrict live database, lamarcus aldridge put green cast unscathed in the outside, the Warriors won by the three points of green is not the spurs.
Squad depth of the strength of the mighty men, and the spurs in this respect with the Warriors of the first world war. The spurs introduced Kevin Martin, he is a career 38.5% on threes reliable pitcher, is the spurs in the playoffs open Spaces and a tool.
The spurs also got Andre - miller, improve a number of staffing. Martin and miller was not the coronal cornerstone, but their arrival let the spurs have a better squad depth, counterweight to the Warriors in battalions. SAN Antonio is a veteran team, they have experienced too much wind waves, won't produce psychological shadow because a setback, if they are so fragile, we won't be able to do a longevity. Warriors a victory over the spurs this season, it is just a game for the spurs, in the past, there is no trace. The SAN Antonio spurs in the psychological stability, general for them in the top there is a lot of help.
Although the rise of the Warriors make three is very important, but the area is still the key links in the playoffs. The spurs in 2015 annual leave via lamarcus aldridge and west, they firmly suppress the Warriors on the inside configuration. Lamarcus aldridge or west, of course, defense will be demanding, green, but if the spurs can pass defense will come down the speed of the mighty, the game into trench warfare model, the spurs win is even greater hope.
In addition, never ignore the Duncan, the regular season is warm up for Duncan, the playoffs just to see the level Bobby Hull Red Jersey of fame of Duncan, his offensive and defensive ability is still the spurs the coronal guarantee!

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