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Trx Suspension Training smoke and mirrors : 8/27/2009

arrest made in Sherman wreck

SHERMAN A single vehicle crash on Thursday claimed the life of 22 year old John David Cox of Denison, and police jailed James Edward Cornelious, 46, of Waldo, Ark., on a charge of criminally negligent homicide because police say his actions caused the death of Mr. Cox. Highway 75 near the Pecan Street on ramp near Piner Middle School. police Sgt. Bruce Dawsey said one witness was directly behind the motorcycle and stopped to give aid. From her statement and the statements of other witnesses, police believe Mr. Cox was riding his motorcycle northbound in the left lane and the tractor trailer, driven by Cornelious, was in the right lane beside the motorcycle, also traveling north. As it neared the on ramp, the tractor trailer moved into the left lane to allow oncoming traffic to merge onto the highway.

Trx Trainer Mr. Cox moved his motorcycle to the left to avoid the tractor trailer, and hit the metal guardrail. The impact threw him off the motorcycle. A justice of the peace pronounced him dead at the scene.

Trx Equipment Dawsey said the truck never struck the motorcycle and that the driver stopped and stayed at the scene. The worse intersection in is the 82/75 intersection by Walmart. People don't yield to traffic coming off of 75. That is trouble waiting to happen I avoid that area if possible. The accident was nothing but an accident. We may never know what really happened. Was the motorcycle in the truck drivers blind spot, most likely it was. How many times have you almost pulled out in front of a motorcycle? We are not trained to watch for them. I'm praying for both families. The actions of this man took the life of my husband. But he wasn't charged with negligent vehicular homicide. Charging him with anything wouldn't change anything. This is just another TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. Just pray for both families that are going thru this time in their lives. I don't understand how the truck driver should be at fault for this. Nor do I believe it was John's fault, or the merging car's fault. Accidents happen everyday and often, no one is at fault. We all learn when we first started driving to stay out of truck driver's blind spots. We (at least here in Texas) learned about being courteous to merging traffic. I commend the trucker for being courteous as many truckers these days think they own the road, are rude, and will run you over if you don't move. I'm not saying John "sat" in the blind spot, or that the trucker may have jerked the wheel to quickly change lanes, i wasn't there. I'm merely saying it is tragic enough that one man's life was taken, it is pointless to take another's life. I can't imagine what this gentleman is thinking right now sitting in our jail, far from home and his family, praying to God for understanding and asking himself "how this could have happened" That onramp should have been closed off a long time ago. There is no emergency shoulder over the bridge and surely it can't be safe to stop on top of the onramp. The sure had the money to move the onramp/offramps around at town center! That ramp should be closed and just have the offramp there and the onramp just before Travis street can be used and would be much more safer. Mr. Cox, I am truly sorry for your loss and I pray that God gives you and your family strength, understanding, and more love than you can handle in this sad time. I also pray that this trucker remains strong and forgives those who are chastising him right now. The Bible says to forgive others else we cannot be forgiven. If EVERYONE would have been a bit more careful that day, this all could have been avoided.

Sad in

fault : 8/31/2009

bones I have to politely disagree with you. The fault lies with the white car entering the hwy from the on ramp who did not yield to the truck therefore forcing the trucker to change lanes in order to avoid hitting that car. Unfortunately, the trucker did not see the bike which resulted in disastrous consequences. This happens all to often these days since drivers entering the highways seem to not care or do not know they are supposed to yield not the oncoming traffic. I understand your frustration as a biker. I lost my cousin, who was on his hog, stopped at a red lite to turn left, when an elderly man came speeding over a hill behind my cousin, and upon realizing that he was not going to be able to stop before rearending a car in front of him, swerved into my cousins lane and killed him. The elderly man didnt see my cousin until it was too late. I only wish there were something that could be done to make bikes more visible since the reasoning for most bike/vehicle accidents appears to be "I just didnt see him". My continued condolences to the family of this fine young man. As in that ramp needs to be reformed so we can progress with better traffic flow.

Always On The Watch

Strength : 8/29/2009

Trx Force Kit I have been on this blue spinning speckle in space for over 39 years now. And I have never in real life experienced real strength in a time of what some including my self would see as devastation. I have read the posts here from time to time in hopes of finding some speckle of closure to this wound in my heart and memory of John. Mr Cox. I admire your strength in this time. It can only be flowing from the veins of Faith and Love from loving a all powerful God. There are many things that you could be saying and doing in this situation. But you have chosen to grasp peace instead of anger. Love and understanding instead of bitterness. Amazing. I wrote earlier of how I admired your son so much and how I would love for my sons to grow up with such resolve and substance. I can see now where the seeds of this have been planted and who is the planter. Once again I am sorry for your loss. And I am happy that you have obtained the peace and strength in this moment. And GIGI I have no idea of what has befallen unto you for having witnessed such a moment in time. All I can say is that I am sure that whatever forces both good and bad that were at work that day you and the truck driver were sparred from what could have been worse. Maybe it is a wake up call for all. Yes he could have done this and or that. We all look back at things differently on the second glance. When the first glance is the most important. We are all in a race with a force that does not slow down for anyone and anything. TIME. John was in life a wonderful young man I once new and cared for. And he will forever be that same person in my memory from this day on. I am happy to see that he was loved and despite what else is posted on this site or anywhere else. I can see that his family and friends who where closer than I to him will make it thru this and our friends' life will have made a difference of change and perception and if not for anything else cause us today to cherish each other a little more. And focus more on what we usually take for granted daily. Continue to be blessed and strong as you already are. Cox Family

James Cross

Trx Suspension Training smoke and mirrors : 8/27/2009

By putting the focus on the truck driver the negligence, and thus culpability of the city officials who should have taken corrective action is shifted. Thats the way the City of works, elected officials,etc covering for the wrongdoing of each other. You will never see the complaints that have already been made about that intersection. Good ole and the good ole boys.

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