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No issues with shoe-induced pronation? I seem to have always had issues with neutral Adidas shoes that are more minimal in that they seem to increase the amount and rate of pronation I experience, often leading to Achilles issues; the same happened with the ASICS Tarther. Anyway, just wondering if this issue (which I think was also touched on in your blog via Anders¡¯ guest post a LONG ways back?) presented itself with the Hagio,,,

I¡¯ve been running the local trails with the Boston Boost 5, and I think a slightly more aggressive outsole would make it a perfect trail shoe for those who need more traction. As it is, the sole on the Boston Boost 5 does a fine job on th Adidas Stan Smith Homme Vente e dirt trails here in the SF Bay Area.

I certainly feel more relaxed when running in the Adistar Boost (support Boost). I do load my heels mid stance to engage my hams and glutes, and feel I can do so with nearly reckless abandon with the boost, where I would normally keep some tension in my calves instead in less cushioned shoes.

I was pretty hard on adidas when they first started marketing their Boost midsole material, and I still stand by what I wrote. Boost is different than typical EVA midsole foam in that it is composed of thermoplastic beads that are fused together. adidas claimed that the Boost midsoles would last longer, would not be as temperature sensitive, and would provide greater energy return than EVA.

I¡¯m coming from a Kinvara, so it is a fairly radical change¡­but as a heavier runner I was wearing out Kinvara¡¯s quickly and experiencin Adidas ZX 500 OG Femme Vente g leg pain after they were well-broken in. I¡¯m a little concerned about the change in heel drop, but we¡¯ll see what my experience is. This doesn¡¯t seem like a shoe that is geared toward serious performance runners; but more of one for the casual runner.

As for myself, I actually didn¡¯t enjoy running in the Energy Boost very much because there was too much heel for my taste, and it has a very pronounced heel flare ¨C the sole extends well out from the margins of your heel on all sides Adidas Adi Ease Homme France . The upper is also too snug for my feet.

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