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By comparing the length of the clamp bar Nike Air Max 1 Homme Pas Cher when fully closed to the length when cinched to the shoe (see photos below), I could calculate the difference and thereby estimate heel or forefoot thickness.

My first experience with the Nike Pegasus came when I bought a pair of the Peg 29 for a consulting project I was working on. I tried them on at a Nike outlet and was surprised by how comfortable they were (I often have trouble with Nike¡¯s being too narrow). They had a very soft feel underfoot, and I couldn¡¯t help but take them for a run. On the run they felt great, but I started to experience some abrasion along the ball behind my right big toe. This is very common for me in shoes that have a soft forefoot ¨C I tend to pronate more on my right side an Nike Air Max 2015 France Pas Cher d have a tendency to cave in the inner border of shoes with soft forefoot midsoles. You can see this phenomenon in action in the video below:

Diagrams showing how I determined heel and forefoot thickness with a Jorgensen bar clamp. I measured the bar length to the right of the clamp arm in the fully closed position (upper picture), and then subtracted the length of the same bar when the clamp was cinched snugly but not too tightly to the shoe (bottom picture; clamp sandwiched the insole, midsole, and outsole).

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Forgot to mention on the gait stuff. Point 1 ¨C I¡¯m actually not that small a guy. In that video probably not far off 180 pounds. Work transition and associated stress last year was not kind to my fitness :) Point 2 ¨C cheap, unsturdy treadmill. I film everything outdoors, and we use the TM only for gait cueing (and lunchtime exercise¡­) when necessary so didn¡¯t invest in a more stable mill.

I¡¯ve now run almost 50 miles in the Nike Pegasus 31, and overall I have to say I¡¯m incredibly impressed. By specs, the Peg 3 Nike Air Max 2015 Femme Pas Cher 1 is very much a conventionally structured running shoe with a lot of cushion. My size 10 pair weighs in at just over 10.5 oz, and Running Warehouse lists the stack at 31mm heel, 18mm forefoot (the 4-5 mm thick insole adds a bit more to that) Note that Nike claims 10mm drop for the Peg ¨C I had a hard time measuring due to the integrated upper liner so could not confirm, but I think it¡¯s higher than 10mm. In any case, the Peg 31 is probably the highest dro Nike Free 5.0 V4 France Pas Cher p shoe that I¡¯ve put this many miles on since 2009-2010.

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