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Average 8 hours of sleep at night is sufficient for a healthy person to feel energetic throughout the day. In fact, number of hours of sleep that one needs may vary, according to one's age, work, the overall health, etc. However, people affected by this condition (also known as idiopathic somnolence); need to sleep longer than this. They feel so sleepy during the day (while working, driving, or during any activity) that they cannot stay awake. They can fall asleep even while having dinner, watching movies, or during official meetings. They may have difficulty waking up, and may feel disoriented or confused after waking up. Idiopathic hypersonic (also referred to as primary hypersonic) and recurrent hypersonic (also known as recurrent primary hypersonic) Sprayable Sleep are the two types of hypersomnia. The person affected by this disorder sleeps for excessively longer periods during the day. When such daytime sleepiness lasts from one to several days, and recurs after some days or months, it is called recurring hypersonic. The condition can recur over the course of a year or more.
Excessive sleepiness during the day
Falling asleep during any activity
Difficulty in waking up
Sleeping 14 - 18 hours
Excessive sleep leading to less physical activity, which in turn can lead to weight gain
Social withdrawal
Difficulty completing daily tasks on time

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