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The Story of GoFreeGoGreen. Think Global, Act Local.

We are an environmentally conscious customer acquisition company. Our organization is being led by a group of industry veterans and is fueled by our members harnessing the exceptional income potential represented by a dazzling array of eco-friendly products and services. As a company, our goal when marketing these products and services is to protect, preserve and enhance our environment and your financial future!

All our active green members do is acquire customers for eco-friendly products and services and help other active green members do the same! Its so simple! Our ecologically conscious business can be done from your computer with no money to collect, no garage full of magic potions, lotions or diet pills. In other words no inventory and no minimum product purchases each month, just share the protecting, persevering and environmentally enhancing values of eco-friendly products and services to get paid

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We will be offering unique products and services such as a patented energy saving electric box’s that can increase the efficiency of your home appliances by up to 50%. A recycling and re-distribution center for cell phone equipment, savings on your home or business energy consumption through deregulation, organic clothing, soap nuts, natural “green” beverages, hybrid vehicles, bath and body products, baby products, lawn care and home décor and so much more!
Now lets talk some money, GoFreeGoGreen pays out an industry staggering 70% of profit. Meaning 70% of the profit earned on any Eco-friendly product or service will pay out to you and your team of active green members.

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Someone who thinks highly of you has extended an invitation to learn about us. They are asking you to become a member of their team. With GoFreeGoGreen you have the ability to build teams of active green members, all who are acquiring customers for eco friendly products and services, yet you can get paid on your results and all their results too.

GoFreeGoGreen is free to JOIN. That’s right no shelling out $250-$499 just to join. There are sever economic troubles out there right now, many people have even lost their own retirement funds because investment portfolios have dropped in value, and don’t even think about the Real Estate market. So is cash is tight, but your goal is to make more, then all you need is your motivation to change your future and help us to help everyone in protecting our environment.

This is the Internet age, communication and interaction between people has never been easier. GoFreeGoGreen will offer all the team members a “Business Building System” for $12.99 per month. This technology is an easy to use set of tools which are designed to assist you in managing and increasing the potential to preserve a financial future as your business is exposed to the world. Profile building, self-marketing and eco-friendly social networking are just some of the added features which will be available.

Now let’s talk about money again. You can earn a percentage for each active member's GO-NET business system. What does this mean to you? There are social networking sites who’s focus is eco-friendly products and services and in 2yrs of business they have nearly 10 million members. How much faster would they grow if their members were paid? You can easily see with your Eco-Friendly business and social marketing system how you and your team could have tens of thousands of active green members. Do the math- How many active members per month would you like have? One thousand, ten thousand, a million!! @ a percentage of 10 NP a month averaging $1 per member! Additionally, take into consideration the 70% payout-every time an active member in your team purchase or acquires a personal customer for an eco-friendly product or service.

We hope your starting to get the picture of how truly Huge this opportunity is for you and your family! Millions of people working together can positively impact our environment!

GoFreeGoGreen is scheduled to launch in May of 2009. The member who invited you to our site is asking you to JOIN for free. After signing up, your personal GoFreeGoGreen site will be activated and you can begin sharing the journey to preserve, protect and enhance our environment and your financial future.

Please click here to join for free today:-)

Then when you purchase products off your own site, you will actually earn money back!

Many Blessings,

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