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A pivotal hit to complete the redemption

The Lakers at home against the Knicks, though in the end, but still with a 87-90 was negative Joe Vitale Kids Jersey, the Knicks point guard ramon calderon in the final 0.2 seconds before they hit a dead, help the Knicks win. In the game, calderon on defense is often become a colander, including kobe Bryant and frequently find confidence in him, but at the last moment, the Spaniard has completed the redemption, it will go into overtime, calderon step outside the three-point line directly, the position of the ball should fall into the basket, after the game, Bryant also walked to the front, felipe calderon, both to send blessings, although the Lakers lost the game, but kobe Bryant and zijin corps fought to the last, also worthy of respect.
It up and start to both parties fail to enter Martin Hanzal Elite Jersey the state, in this section 9 1/2 minutes left, Bryant bottom line singles, felipe calderon, with a sharp turn a beautifully-weighted layup successful, cheers rang out from the staples center as a whole, as the Lakers 3-2 lead. The Knicks on an 11-2 run to this section in the middle - 3, Anthony grabbed offensive rebounds tough will score, New York will make 13-6. State of the Lakers are still hard to find, Bryant has not been able to put the ball into a few shots, Randall dragon into the basket layup successful, but failed to change the Lakers flagging blinding flashes of the end of the first quarter, the Lakers' 11 to 18, single section, the team made three of 19, Bryant 1 of 6 shots to get the three points.
Back time section, performance in the offensive end give prize clarkson runs in a row, the Lakers with five minutes remaining in this section will make 25 to 29. The Knicks followed with a wave of 6-2 set up nine points ahead. Bryant then find feel, he hit two goals in a row, cause the scene, when the Hilbert turned to dunk after, the Lakers will to 35 to 39. But at the last minute in this section, the Knicks sent a wave of 7-0, Derek - Williams from the baseline dunk cut to complete, at the end of the half, the Knicks with 46-35.
Won the second half to fight again, Bryant one-on-one hit Anthony foul two free throws. However, the Lakers offensive power again, since the Knicks made during a 7-0, lopez into 2 + 1, the Knicks will make 53 to 37, the Lakers were forced to request timeout. After you come back, the home team offensive appearance changed did appear, clarkson and Randall hit the post in a row, the Lakers played a wave 9-2 offensive the Lakers to single digits. This section 4 minutes and 56 seconds left, Bryant was taken off to rest, the Lakers continue to chase, rahul, jumper, after the end of the third quarter, the Lakers trailed 65-60.
Details, the two sides on the offensive end formed confrontation, ah, luo after jumper midway through this section, the Knicks to a 70-66 lead. Since then, the Lakers a big counterattack, cope with five Louis Williams after hot after it back, he not only into 2 + 1, is still in perimeter up three points, kobe Bryant will also use turn around jumper after playing the ball into, the Lakers came during a 15-6 offensive 5 points. Critical moment, Anthony erupted, he hit two remember three points, and sent to a dry jumper, help the Knicks to retake the lead. After the game completely into the white-hot, Williams jumper, put the Lakers ahead by 1 but lopez foul two free throws one, 87. Bryant then singles, but the ball in the basket after rinse for a pop-up, the Knicks seize the last chance!

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