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Andrew Bogut led the Warriors to the peak

The NBA regular season continued, the Warriors to 125-107 victory at home to the Pelican, swept Coyotes Mike Smith Womens Jersey Pelican to finish this season. After it, the Warriors won five straight and 49 consecutive wins (including last season), the record (60), became the fastest in history for 60 win of the season the team; Pelican encountered when, in the playoffs last season, they are in the golden state has suffered a losing streak of nine, Davis continues in the golden state be embarrassing
The game are Warriors continue unbeaten home, embarrassed or end in the golden state Davis? Start stage Warriors didn't account for cheap, the game up a green jumper, but since then Curry and Thompson have missed a shot, Davis and Horace mann di attack the basket after respectively, the Pelican instead of 4-2 start. With 3 minutes and 43 seconds remaining in the first section, the Treasury to use layup broke the individual scoring drought. Just find the Curry is feel terrible, since he is there on the right side of the base 3-pointer, then continuously complete layup, led the Warriors at the end of the first quarter ahead 28-24. This section in the first two hit, after finished the 4 consecutive shots hit performance, and has 136 consecutive games hit 3-pointers.
Warriors are a lot of mistakes in the first quarter, this may be related to the Pelican coach Kim terry knows they, section 2 to 6 minutes and 53 seconds, Thompson passes, this is the mighty 10 turnovers of the game. This section Curry still a Pelican tight prevention, but the Warriors players stand out, in this section 4 45 seconds, Barnes, free throws, the Warriors to complete a wave of 8-0 offensive. This section 1 minute 17 seconds left when the Curry to get chance to past Davis directly, and then to complete three-point play attacking the basket. Pelican with the rhythm of the instantaneous circle of meng, McCarty du button after, and complete one-stop layup, green warrior completed a wave of 0-9, and will lead to 59-48. After the first half, the Warriors won 59-50 lead.
Opening the Warriors in the second half and play a 6-0 offensive, will lead to 15 points. Three-point shots before the game 3 of 12 shots, but as Andrew bogut middle hit the buzzer three points in the third quarter, they found three break up feeling, Thompson and green 3-pointer in succession. In this section 4 minutes and 15 seconds, barbosa, shooting drift Warriors success will lead to 80-55, this section is equivalent to their played 21-5 start. See a 3-pointer by teammates have Curry also unwilling to lag behind, in the final 1 minute 45 seconds in this section, he hit three consecutive 3-pointers, including the written in 28 feet (8.5 meters) for the buzzer playing board in three points. After three quarters, the Warriors 94-69 lead. This section Curry took 15 points.
Huge gap let game lose the suspense, early in the fourth quarter Curry and Davis and other players all have no, complete Grey Madison Bumgarner Jersey sweep on the Pelican, this season and win 60 games this season.

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