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Rainy season wood floor maintenance Raiders

It has entered the annual rainy season, rain continued for several days so that the home is full of moisture, cool and warm and humid rainy season alternating weather, so that air can squeeze water, which is the floor, but a huge challenge. Damp, mildew, wood floor deformation is rainy most prone to problems. So, in bad weather How to protect your baby home floor it?build a horizontal composite fence

Step one: Select good moisture resistant flooring

Choose moisture-proof material, moisture resistant flooring is the most important technical indicators. Good moisture resistant flooring, geothermal prolonged under "Zhengkao", once moisture enters, warped floor edge will cause floor damage. The high quality flooring used in high-density substrates, excellent moisture resistant, thickness swelling is much smaller than the national standard. Also special wear layer, decorative paper, balancing layer, the substrate can be a good "closed" to ensure better overall moisture resistant flooring.artificial wood decking products

Step Two: Some matters need to pay attention to the wooden floor of the pavement

Paving should pay attention to, the floor coverings are not random, due to the recent large temperature difference between day and night, so the tiles on the floor and pavement should pay attention to moisture problems. Prior to wood floor coverings, it is best at room temperature for 16 ℃ to 18 ℃ decentralization days. In addition, choose the best time to install the floor in clear weather, the best in the installation of about seven days are sunny, no rain, not dry before installation in the ground floor.synthetic floor board

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