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take advantage of natural resources

"Green" Expo, what "green" Where? Try to take advantage of natural resources, maximize reduce emissions, it characterizes the whole Expo area. Here, the trees, the sun, water, wind all of which may be the energy is recycled. In a variety of global use of the latest technology, Expo Park plastic wood like deck will become fully-fledged energy saving technology, "Best Practices Area." Aspect One: the world's largest ecological…


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Floor maintenance tips


1, daily life, keep the floor dry and clean. Avoid using dripping mop mop the floor.

2, frequent rainy weather, when air humidity is too large, the need to close the doors and windows, to prevent moisture intrusion, causing the floor humidity increases, leading to bulging. As outdoor humidity is less than the indoor humidity, it can open the doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity. Open the air-conditioned environment for a long time, it is best to use a humidifier to…


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Rainy season wood floor maintenance Raiders

It has entered the annual rainy season, rain continued for several days so that the home is full of moisture, cool and warm and humid rainy season alternating weather, so that air can squeeze water, which is the floor, but a huge challenge. Damp, mildew, wood floor deformation is rainy most prone to problems. So, in bad weather How to protect your baby home floor it?build a horizontal composite fence



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planting tending to production

The company's products range from the Poplar planting tending to production, management decorative panels, block board, multi-layer plywood, wooden craft, flooring, wood technology, integrated ceiling, gypsum board, adhesives and other more than 10 class decorative materials, with independent intellectual property rights "Mogan" decorative building materials has become a strong brand influence.

In order to better meet consumer demand for a variety of health, the needs of environmental…


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