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1, daily life, keep the floor dry and clean. Avoid using dripping mop mop the floor.

2, frequent rainy weather, when air humidity is too large, the need to close the doors and windows, to prevent moisture intrusion, causing the floor humidity increases, leading to bulging. As outdoor humidity is less than the indoor humidity, it can open the doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity. Open the air-conditioned environment for a long time, it is best to use a humidifier to keep indoor humidity constant, to extend the useful life of the floor.outdoor decorative wooden panels

3, in the area connected with the kitchen and bathroom, keep dry, avoid kitchen and bathroom running water, affecting the living room floor laying. Once running water phenomenon, measures must be taken in a timely manner, be sure to keep the floor area dry, otherwise it will cause large deformation.composite timber board decking

4, slightly damp floors can be placed in a cool ventilated place to dry naturally, can not use the hair dryer, a heater to accelerate the drying, nor exposure to sunlight.

Encounter a rainy day, you should try the south or southeast direction (upwind) the doors and windows closed, only open the doors and under the direction of the wind, in order to reduce the moisture into the interior. When the weather to be sunny, open all the doors and windows, in order to accelerate the evaporation. Noon and because indoor air humidity at the highest value, not windows, the best choice for the evening in the afternoon, when the climate is relatively dry or, window regulating indoor air.composite tounge and groove porch flooring

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