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take advantage of natural resources

"Green" Expo, what "green" Where? Try to take advantage of natural resources, maximize reduce emissions, it characterizes the whole Expo area. Here, the trees, the sun, water, wind all of which may be the energy is recycled. In a variety of global use of the latest technology, Expo Park plastic wood like deck will become fully-fledged energy saving technology, "Best Practices Area." Aspect One: the world's largest ecological wall into a "green lung" Been Aichi World Expo, I am afraid will be on one side of the "Life Wall" impressed. It faces a huge green wall scale, 150 meters long and 12 meters high.

And in 2010 Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion, with one side more than the ecological wall, 4,000 square meters of area of ​​the world. On the east and west sides of the outer wall, now covered with a criss-cross diamond steel child. This fall, the shelf will be installed on the numerous small shrubs planted module, and then a spring after a winter maintenance, until next year "51", on both sides of the wall will be green. Green wall is not just the landscape, but also an important part of green building. In summer, you can use the external walls of green insulating barrier radiation, and the air near the outer composite deck clearance wall surface temperature decreases, reduce heat conduction; winter, will not affect the wall to get solar heat, while insulation layer can be formed, so that the wind decreases, extend outside the life of the wall. In fact, this face "ecological wall" function is also far more than that. Experts told the reporter, "eco-wall" is not "nice" so simple. On the one hand, it can play the role of reducing light pollution. Everywhere in the park pavilion, if ordinary glass wall facade taken when the scorching sun, reflected light dazzling panache, hurt people's vision. With "eco-wall" instead of a glass wall, not only light pollution, but also facilitate the adaptation and rest the eyes.

Not only that, this side of "ecological wall" was a natural "cleaners", "drug control", it is also the noise "reduction device." You know, the World Expo site every day must receive more than 400,000 people, green walls can effectively reduce noise, let tourists feel too noisy. Aspect Two: scale solar applications record Aspect Three: Underground still can wash "sunbathing" in the Expo area wash "sunbathing", not necessarily to be still in the ground, underground. Expo axis, six giant cone-shaped "Sun Valley" located in the middle of Garage Decking Plastic Products Sale the inlet and the Expo Axis, their unique form of natural sunlight can help tilt into the ground, not only conducive to improving air quality, but also brought energy savings artificial lighting consumption. The sunlight into the underground, the Shanghai World Expo has made a bold attempt. He mentioned underground space, mostly dark and gives the impression that boring, but the Expo Axis, "Sun Valley" to make this problem solved. A "horn" type of appearance, "Sun Valley" is like a "funnel", because the glass covering the reflective surface, but by reasonable shielding giant membrane to achieve effective shading effect, wonderful idea called a must. Conical "Sun Valley" also has a rainwater collection function, the rain cycle process can be used for the World Expo site toilets, irrigation and other water green.

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